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Weird animal news, an occasional series here on the spool


Weird animal news, an occasional series here on the spool

posted on 2003/06/12 10:50


Today's featured animal: the cow.


You can fit a lot of stuff in a cow. Like 55 kilos of plastic.


And you can fit a lot of cow elsewhere if you're determined. 5 cows in a Toyota Camry, for example.


Alternatively, you can just use cow waste as fertiliser, of course. Although the new hot trend is apparently to import dung from Indian sacred cows.





And, this being the spool, and this being me, we now lead you from "moo" to "møøse"...


This one is kind of interesting - a remote island where the two species are basically møøse and wolves. They've been running a study since 1970 of exactly how the two species interact.


Elsewhere, as reported previously. møøse are bloody dangerous.


Don't drive your car into one if you can help it.


They do seem to like chasing cyclists too. Best solution if that happens is a nice policeman with a big fuck-off shotgun, thusly:



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We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE