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A small PDF rant


A small PDF rant

posted on 2003/07/15 17:08


So there's a rumour-ish story on MacSlash claiming that Panther's TextEdit will read Word docs.


This links back to a blog entry with screenshot. And of course the screenshot is in... PDF.


PDFs are horrific, as the blogdex crowd are approvingly noting.


It's difficult to blame the guy who posted the PDF, though, when Mac OS X is as fucking braindead as it as, given that it spits them out by default.


And what's with the export of dual head screengrabs as two-page PDFs?


The alternative is one huuuuuuuge pdf. And dual head is commonly used as two separate displays that just happen to be connected. You know many people who happily use a window that's split between monitors?


It's a pain for me to convert them to PNGs (especially as Preview doesn't have a key bound to Export). Nonetheless, I do still convert them. cf previous spool entries.


I'd like to plug ImageDroplet here. I use it to convert pdfs to pngs - it's great.


For example, here.


jerakeen: no, the alternative is one huge PNG, which would probably still be smaller, and would be easier to manipulate with most graphics apps anyway.


Quarter Life Crisis / Images: Another quirk that always irritated me in Safari: It's image scaling abilities are quite poor. This could be blamed...


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A couple of comments on Sven's trackback. Firstly, yes, PDFs are great for printing. However, that's pretty much all they're good for; for web content they're pretty sucky. And yes, it is obvious, but then a lot of Nielsen's web usability comments are.


In regards to converting screenshots, yes, it's possible, and I had to do so under Mac OS as well (PICTs being badly supported anywhere else). However, on my machine, I haven't found an image editor small and fast enough to leave resident (although maybe I should look at GC again, or at ImageDroplet).


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