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Microtech's crashtacular driver


Microtech's crashtacular driver

posted on 2003/08/08 09:52


John Gruber on driver extensions, Mac OS X and the difficulties therein.


If I'd seen a driver extension under the Mac OS called USBATCF, I'd not really have trusted the authors much.


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Panther will let you delete things from /System, incidentally. It asks for an admin password when you try to do something restricted in the finder. Much nicer.


Oh, and, are those ads themed suddenly? Isn't that aginst the TOS? I should check, but I'm sure he mentioned that he wasn't able to do anything about the colours before..


Hmm, the terms also say 'no blogs', but the surrounding context heavily implies that they mean 'blog' in the sense of 'today I walked my dog and there was a tree and then there was rain'.


ext:circ / Adsense Upgrades: To answer 2lmc's question, I got an email this morning from them saying: We want to let you know about...


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oh. Ta.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE