2lmc spool

not cuddly at all

DHTML Lemmings


DHTML Lemmings

posted on 2003/08/15 14:44


As ever with games things on the spool, this is muttley's fault.


Very impressive it is too.


my bc I think my exact words were 'Holy Crap'


plus, it's GPL too. Extra bonus marks.


[ 2 days, 1 hour later ]


Oops. I think we caused quite a lot of traffic. The best link is now at tweakers.net.


crisp, in case you ever come here, apologies if it was publicised too early. We were too blown away with it not to share.


(Of course, I mean 'we' loosely in the sense of 'us and other people who found the link'.)


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE