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Woody's Typefaces


Woody's Typefaces

posted on 2003/09/02 09:22


via cityofsound. Nice new banner there.



(Yay for caching images locally. That shouldn't be broken for us. Hopefully.)


Bah, contactsheet uses the 'width: 50%-400px' trick, which means it's unviewable on a browser set to less than about 800px wide. Like, say, my default window size. Bah bah bah.


you're going to have to accept this one of these days, you know. People design for 800px wide browser windows. It just happens.


At least with designs that don't try and be clever, you can at least use the scrollbars.


2lmc spool / 2003/09/02 11:42: Sites that are too wide and should know better


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE