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What's on your Dock?


What's on your Dock?

posted on 2003/10/01 09:30


As expected (he was looking for volunteers on (void) on Friday), Giles looks at, um, what people have on their Dock.


Like the title says.


In case anyone cares, here's mine:



Finder, BBEdit, Safari, Camino, Explorer (hey, can you tell I like testing pages in different browsers?), Eudora, MacSFTP (wonderful, this), iTunes, Stuffit Expander, ImageDroplet (used to create this very PNG), NNW Lite, Terminal and Preview (the only one that's not usually there).


In the documents part, there's Applications, mp3s (hmm, probably I can get rid of this one), Servers (contains aliases to various, well, servers), and then aliases to the four hard disk partitions before the Trash. (They're named after Wipeout teams, hence the icons.)





I'm not explaining it, blch has more patience than me. But there's some web browsers, some programming stuff... meh, whatever.


Ah, I should probably mention that my Dock is clear because I use, um, ClearDock.


Gruber says 'the Command-Tab app switching system on the Dock really doesn't work'.


Yes. I use LiteSwitch X, which is fairly nice, if a little expensive.


Of all the Docks I've seen, only one fails to contain BBEdit (or, possibly, BBEdit Lite). That's fairly impressive market share.


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By popular request, jerakeen's Dock contains:


System Preferences, iTunes, Photoshop, OmniOutliner, VoodooPad, iCal, Address Book, Safari, Camino, IE, Mozilla, NNW, Eudora, BBEdit, Terminal, Process Viewer, Console, ViewIt, SubEthaEdit, MPlayer, X-Movie, X, RealBasic, ProjectBuilder, Interface Builder, Pixie, MacSFTP, a home-built music importer droplet, ImageDroplet, DropTar and MTNewsWatcher.


Phew. (No, I'm not going to provide links, but maybe jerakeen could tell us more about hte importer.)


It's written with something called 'dropscript' that lets you wrap a shell script in a droplet. And then it's a perl-based MP3::Info (or something) using jobby that puts mp3s in folders based on their ID3 tags.


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Aaah, the man himself. I notice Giles is running an old iTunes. Wonder why..



HubLog / What's on my docks?: Finder (Home, columns), Mail, Safari, NetNewsWire, Kung-Log, iCal, iTunes, mi, Preview, Terminal, X11, some VoodooPads, Fink, Trash; KMenu, QuickBrowser for 'iTunes Music', Home (for hidden files), Konsole (for xmame), Gaim, Nicotine, EVim, The Gimp and OpenOffice. What's not in my docks?: LaunchBar, Show Desktop, iScrobbler, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DNSUpdate, JabberD and GnuMP3D.


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gah, that's a scary dock. That's a dock, and a kicker (KDE panel). I have to try that.


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Well, blimeny, Giles, what have you done? This is the meme of the moment suddenly. Scary. Mac users have too much free time, clearly.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE