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Danny O'Brien on Foo-Camp and Orlowski


Danny O'Brien on Foo-Camp and Orlowski

posted on 2003/10/14 09:32


'Yes, it was Californian. This is because we are in California.. '


On bloggers: 'They're writing for friends who are interested in their hobbies and their life. Meanwhile, you're standing fifty yards away with a sneer, a telephoto lens and a directional microphone. Who's obsessed now?'


"The answer why they won't shut up is - they're not talking to you. They're talking in the private register of blogs, that confidential style between secret-and-public."


Danny goes on to talk about how the problem is that the web has no private register. It's a good point, although...


To use Danny's frame of reference, some of the blogs which constantly crop up on google, blogdex et al swiftly move towards the equivalent of someone in a pub having a conversation at the top of their lungs.


The pub-shouter isn't talking to me either, but I'd damn well like 'em to shut up...


[ 0 days, 1 hour later ]


Of course, the front-runner "pub shouter who should can it" is Orlowski himself, who is reason, all on his own, for never reading The Register, lest you accidentally hit one of his rants.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE