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Slashdot on BBC's iMP


Slashdot on BBC's iMP

posted on 2004/02/26 13:35


I don't think they're impressed that it runs with Microsoft DRM.


Given the radio thingy runs on Real, though, I can't say I'm surprised.


I also wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft were leaning really heavily on parts of the BBC to make sure they weren't being too open about things.


Of course, the Slashdot comments rapidly descent into 'licence fee waa waa waa'.


Bloody libertarian Americans.


Blackbeltjones Work / Oh, Auntie...: Via 2lmc, The beeb announced they are going to do their (pseudo?) p2p time-shifting media player using Microsoft DRM (at...


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(Friday lunchtime) Tomski posts, noting that iMP is not the Creative Archive, and that DRM makes sense for it.


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