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Mobiles on the Underground


Mobiles on the Underground

posted on 2004/03/02 09:38


'People travelling on London's Tube network may be able to talk on their mobile phones even when deep underground by the end of the year'


Yes, because twenty minutes in the deep Tube are time when you really need to be able to chat to your husband about his choice of ready meal that evening.


'LU has conducted a series of surveys among its passengers and most have welcomed the system as long as people were sensible'


We're all fucking doomed.


but! but! GPRS! I'll be able to read my email on the tube!


blech kills jerakeen.


you're just jealous and non-cutting-edge.


Look, they could put 802.11b across the Tube, then you'd be able to read email and there still wouldn't be annoying people on the phone.


Let's face it, you don't need to be able to read mail 24/7, though, do you?




[ 0 days, 2 hours later ]


TheReg has more technical details.


'LU will trial mobile access in one or two deep-level stations to judge customer demand.'


'likely to use the mini aerials, or micro cells, as chosen in Newcastle'


"I'm on the platform" "Yeah, the $line_name line's screwed again" "i'll be home in an hour darling"


Um, the average ambient noise on the tube is at some ridiculous decibel level. You won't be able to hear or be heard, even if you want to make a call.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE