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Smoke- a London Peculiar - issue 3


Smoke- a London Peculiar - issue 3

posted on 2004/03/31 22:47


Just a heads-up that it's about. I picked up my usual copy and it's got some good stuff in.


Available at Foyles, and presumably Borders (and good bookshops) soon.


Worth it for the full size version of the photo of Concorde amongst birds, seen from Battersea Power Station, alone.



I've only read a few chunks of it so far, but I've liked what I've seen:


a dissection of the new Paternoster Square, and an appreciation of the BT Tower.


Blackbeltjones Work / Smokebelch III: Again for the psychogeographically-inclined, The Spool reports that the latest issue of London-focussed writing and photography mag Smoke, number 3,...


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