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Better Shuffle


Better Shuffle

posted on 2004/05/03 11:51


If I could rate transitions, it could eventually learn never to follow Tool with Ben Folds


Nice idea, but I have a few thousand tracks.


Doesn't that work out as a few million possible transitions to rate?


This seems like a Bad Idea.


can't imangine an interface for it, and persionally I'd prefer sensible knowledge of genres.


I'd like it to shuffle through appropriate genres, to get from a start track to a finish track. You could define your party playlist by the mood you wanted at various points in the evening.


Way back at Oven, Richard Clamp and I mused about a multi-dimensional rating system, possibly based loosely on genres, and possibly on mood.


That would let you move through things nicely by only altering one of the rating variables at a time.


The problem is, of course, that even rating one-dimensionally is something that's bloody tedious.


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