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WWDC reaction


WWDC reaction

posted on 2004/06/28 21:26


So I've been out this evening and this is all off the cuff, but hey, I did the same thing last year and people seemed to like it.


Right, first off, the hardware, and thank goodness Apple have finally junked the ADCD interface.


Apple tried that before- circa the Performa 630 there was a huge 45 pin ADB/sound/video monstrosity- and it doesn't work any better now.


Frankly, paying another 150 quid for the ADC-DVI adaptor when you've payed over a thousand quid for a PowerBook is taking the piss.


The redesign does match the PowerMac/PowerBook lines, which is nice.


That the 30" needs a special graphics card is a bit, well, silly.


Right, onto Mac OS X 10.4, which Apple are doing the codename thing for.


The menubar seach thing doesn't look as bad as I thought it could:



Even so, it's yet another item to shove into the already overcrowded menu bar (and, interestingly, there's no FUS name in that screenshot.)



Dashboard looks a bit busy on the screenshot, and I barely use Exposé, but I'm sure some people will find it useful. Me? I don't even use Konfabulator. Not Your Target Market.


Looking at the feature for Dashboard, I'm amazed at how incoherent the widgets are. What is this, some lame-ass third party add on? You're Apple. I hope (although no longer, sadly, expect ) nice, coherent design. Sigh.


Automator looks like it might make AppleScript recording widespread without developers having to add support for it, which'd be nice.


Safari RSS will have some people gloating, but I'm still nto convinced it'll be that useful, despite watching the movie. (What's up with the 'feeds' protocol, huh?)


Oh, they've improved the Unix layer.


common UNIX utilities such as cp, tar and nsync can properly handle HFS+ resource forks


Well, that only took four major (release!) revisions, on top of a previous three years of development.


Have a fucking cookie.


(I reserve the right to quote this spool entry next time someone accuses me of being an Apple fanboy.)


[ 0 days, 1 hour later ]


Hmm, wait a second... that quote above. nsync are an American pop group. rsync is a useful command line utility. I think someone got confused.


On the 'feeds' issue, it seems that Safari has a bunch of strange psuedo-protocols, if you watch the movie: 'feeds' and 'feedsearch', at least.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE