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TextMate released


TextMate released

posted on 2004/10/06 12:33


I downloaded it. I tried it. It lasted ten minutes.


Where to start? With the overlong, search-engine spamming title of the release page?


The enthusiastic fanbase who gathered before release?


The fact that the default font display (anti-aliased Monaco 9) leads to an insertion point that drifts characters away from where the insertion point actually is?


The lack of syntax colouring for Perl and Python (you can tell this was written by Ruby zealots)?


The code folding that has to be told that </head> closes <head> by removing spaces?


The fact that the new document editing defaults inherit from the current settings, so that you get strange changes when you flip from HTML (where you want soft wrap on) to Perl to plain text?


(On that subject, Gruber has a nice wrapping script for BBEdit)


Sure, it may be 'only' $40, but for me the BBEdit 8 upgrade is only $60, and, let's face it, with the dollar in the toilet that's hardly enough to put me off.


Maybe when you grow a preferences dialog, a menu bar that doesn't take up the entire width of the screen and a bit of support for languages outside your neighbourhood I'll have a look. Mind you, I doubt it.


(Please don't get me started on skEdit either.)


[ Editor's note for clarity: blech is referring to the low value of the dollar on international currency markets. 2lmc does not advise storing you money in your toilet bowl. It'd get soggy. ]


Damn, I forgot Poland ^W the icon. (You thought the new BBEdit icon sucked? Ha!)


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE