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Mysterious Rendezvous records with iTunes 4.7


Mysterious Rendezvous records with iTunes 4.7

posted on 2004/11/01 14:05


I was scrabbling around looking for iTunes DAAP servers yesterday evening, and came across something odd.


As well as the reasonably well-understood _daap._tcp records advertising iTunes music sharing, there was also an _dacp._tcp record for machines with iTunes 4.7.


Looking again at work, where we have more Macs to sample, it seems that all iTunes 4.7 show a _dacp._tcp record, whether or not sharing is enabled.


iTunes 4.6 or 4.5 clients don't show the record at all.


Inside the record is a DbId that matches the daap DbId (if present). The record's name is iTunes_Ctrl_[hex number], and it's on the same port (3689) as DAAP.


Is this some sort of remote control infrastructure that's not yet been exposed properly?


I'll keep poking at it and if anything interesting shows up, I'll let you know.


Further thought makes me wonder about the acronym. DAAP is Digital Audio Access Protocol, and DPAP (in iPhoto) is Digital Photo Access Protocol, would that make DACP Digital Audio Control Protocol?


Certainly there's a lot of grist to various rumour mills in this, if you squint at it right.


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