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Apple's iPod "Stifles Podcasting"


Apple's iPod "Stifles Podcasting"

posted on 2005/01/14 15:57


This is such utter wank I thought I'd better vent on the spool before I exploded.


The iPod Shuffle, apparently, has the power to stifle all that crap amateur radio that's starting up, because it doesn't have a display, or much memory.


Doc Searls:


"Navigating inside a long podcast -- and many are very long -- is difficult even with a regular iPod, as it is with all players. So, rather than fix the one feature that's lame about the iPod, they eliminated it completely."


Er, the iPod does have issues, but skipping around podcasts isn't one of them.


How about the podcasters adjust to the world by splitting their inane ramblings into shorter chunks, rather than expecting devices that are really targetted at playing four-minute pop songs into things for audiobooks?


While I'm on that subject, am I the only person who finds it hard to imagine someone going into a shop and thinking "hmm, I was going to get this iPod Shuffle to listen to all that great music I like, but actually, I won't be able to play back Adam Curry on it? OH NO! I must spend another two hundred pounds so I can store all his waffle!"


No, I don't think I am.


[ 0 days, 7 hours later ]


Having held one today, I can say that was the least thought on my mind


"Oh, this really is small" or "neat it does the headphone sensing thing I don't have" were


it really was quite small - I wasn't sure why, but I wanted one


Elsewhere in New Mac Product news, the Mini really does look lovely, and didn't seem too slow


Pages appeared to be not quite there yet mind


For uk people wanting scale, the control thingy on the Shuffle seems to be about the size of a 2p


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE