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Yahoo! Music Engine


Yahoo! Music Engine

posted on 2005/05/11 14:14


How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways


First, the dumping of Yahoo! Messenger whether I want it or not. Thanks. (Yay MS Spyware, letting me cripple the install until I can remove it.)


Secondly, it seems to be sending my processor load through the roof, and it's not actually doing anything more than playing.


Thirdly, the album view is a nice idea (it's iconic rather than a list like iTunes), but if you're going to show album covers, wouldn't using the images in my ID3 tags be a good start?


Fourthly, every time I play a track the table view refreshes in a really ugly manner. Visible flicker? In 2005? Christ, guys, what are you smoking?


There are some advanced things from iTunes that, of course, you don't do (compilation support? obviously not), but even the basics seem to elude this thing at the moment.


Disclaimer: I am incredibly grumpy this month.


[ 1 day, 4 hours later ]


hitherto points forcefully at the "beta" tag


Interfaces are easy to fix and evolve. Like, say, um. Oh yeah, iTunes.


The killer point here is that it's the cheapest, fullest subscription service with the nicest interface.


...and I'm really enjoying walking around with a Zen Micro full of new albums which I didn't have to pay for individually...


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE