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iTunes 4.9 available


iTunes 4.9 available

posted on 2005/06/28 12:10


Now with bloody podcasts, in a really foul shade of purple.


And a source list entry that- unlke the Party Shuffle and Music Store ones- you can't remove.


iTunes Music Sharing seems initially unchanged (at least, I can connect to an iTunes 4.7 share OK).


Eight BBC podcasts in the "directory" (which is part of the music store), plus, oddly, KCRW's Music Excange, featuring Steve "Indie" Lamacq.


There's a slightly odd podcast information panel that's new.



See? Horrible purple colour.



Begone, strange halo podcast man! But no! Denied!



Now it's just getting upset at me.


The iTunes New Music download - hosted by an annoying American called "Roxy" - has chapters accessed via a strange widget that pops up next to the track information lozenge.



Each chapter also has its own artwork. I wonder what custom metadata atoms go into that one, and how long it'll take for third parties to start using them?


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Doug's AppleScripts has news on the new properties, including the useful 'special kind' property on playlists and 'podcast' property on tracks.


mattb links to the RSS extensions (warning! PDF!) for RSS to aid listing in the music store's directory.


That doesn't explain the funky chapter stuff, though.


However, command-tab links throiugh to a 8MB DMG of "Podcast Chapter Tools".


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Looks like generating an enhanced audio file is based on applying an XML description to an AAC file.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE