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LaCie enter Mac mini HD addon market


LaCie enter Mac mini HD addon market

posted on 2005/07/12 15:35


$199 for a 250GB FireWire device.


Unlike some of the competing products, it doesn't have a built-in hub.


It is about $80 cheaper, though, and there's a bit of space for ventilation (although I have no idea if that's actually a problem).


It looks like MacWay's minipartner might be the best value of all of them.


[ 2 days, 0 hours later ]


Ah, NewerTechnology have yet another similar product, the $230 miniStack (via).


I nearly typed miniStarck. A small, overrated French designer you can put on top of your small home computer, perhaps?


Now all we need is someone like Macworld to do comparisons of them all.


Mind you, comparing external hard drives is a bit dull, even for a computer magazine. Or, er, us.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE