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terse but informative




posted on 2005/07/25 15:10


GUI editor for "advanced" podcasts, ie AACs with chapters.


Gut reaction: if it's shelling out to ChapterTool (and it looks like it is) then $25 seems a bit overpriced. And the web page is very minimal indeed.


Still, have to have a proper look later.


... and after getting the .app out of the .pkg out of the .tar.gz, I'm even less convinced it's worth $25.


The GUI is metal, overpowering and overlarge; it can't find ChapterTool even if it's in the PATH; there's no copy and paste for images.


In fact, I can't figure out how to add an image at all.


The world could do with an editor for this sort of thing. I'll be annoyed if this one thrives, though.


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