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Giles on ROKR and iPod Nano


Giles on ROKR and iPod Nano

posted on 2005/09/07 21:47


Because I've been busy all evening taking photos of London skyscrapers and cleaning the house to try and make sure moths don't come back, we have no spool coverage.


Giles mentions iTunes 5.0 but doesn't talk much about it. I have to install it (to see if Blue Coconut still works), but I'm keeping a backup of 4.7.1 handy.


Hell, I didn't even like 4.9.


Apparently you can nest playlists now. I wonder if it's like iPhoto - limited to one level - or truly recursive.


Doug has a first look at AppleScript support.


And it makes it clear it's iPhoto style single-level folders-containing-playlists.


A new lyrics property allows you to set and get the lyrics of a track


The interface looks like they've put a new lick of paint over the same old button placement, even when the buttons were in insane places. Hurrah!


(Guess what? I don't care about the new iPod. Yet, anyway.)


You can turn off the 'podcasts' entry in the sourcelist! Yay. For some reason, you have to use the parental controls section of prefs, not 'general', but it's there...


Apple? Random nutty inconsistent preference selection? Never.


How much have they broken their HIG this time?


I think square is the new black. For some reason, everything I see is square.


No more roundrects?


well, the search box is still round.


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Oddness. On deleting my preferences, iTunes 5 showed DAAP shares. It won't connect to mt-daapd but it will connect to iTunes 4 shares.


I suspect this means that the server apps will have to start implememnting the DAAP authorisation that until now has been entirely optional.


This also means that Blue Coconut still works. Hurrah.


Oddly, Richard Clamp's pure-Perl Net::DAAP::Server works fine.


On further reflection, then: iTunes 4 and iTunes 5 are happy to be clients and servers for the other, but there's a bug where a corrupt preferences file disables browsing for shared music, and there's also some incompatibility- for unknown reasons- with mt-daapd.


Okay, I'm weighing in late, but that's because my local time is currently GMT-9


I could do my usual balance-bringing naysaying, but I can't be bothered. The iPod nano looks very shiny, and has a price-tag to match. 14 hours battery life? Yeah. Right.


I shall leave the saying of nay to Idiottoys' coverage: part 1 and part 2


It has a colour screen "for photos", but no doubt somone'll soon hack it "for porn movies"


You sort of dangle it around your neck with a strange headphone/strap device, which might mean iPod owners will CHOKE TO DEATH MORE OFTEN!!! Great news!!


You're too corporate to naysay anymore. sorry :) you drank the Kool-Aid


You misread the label on this bottle I'm holding. It's "Gramma's Good Old-Fashioned Heartily-fed-up-with-computers-and-technology-in-general soda"


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Testing reveals that you can nest playlist folders


Also, you can select the folder in the source list and see the union of all tracks in any of their contents, which is nice.


you can create smart playlists based on the amalgamated contents of folders. Nifty.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE