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BBC News launches ugly new tabs


BBC News launches ugly new tabs

posted on 2005/12/07 09:47


This is probably only affecting me, because I use the BBC News World edition (it being better on world news, amazingly, and less full of the entertainment crap that passes for "news" in the UK).


Sadly, they've now crapped up more of the website to take notice of this, so now the weather page is telling me about severe weather in the US, and the TV pages are suggesting I might want to get my cable company to offer BBC America.


Look, dingbats, I'm in the bloody UK! I even say "bloody", you bollock-heads! And "bollocks"! Don't take my choice of news page as something more than it is, OK?


It doesn't help that they've crufted up the page design with a really nasty-looking set of tabs (shudder) at the top.


(Oops, I see now that I've already complained about the tabs. Really, they wouldn't be so bad if they weren't affecting everything).


This incoherent entry brought to you by the early bird, who's now falling over in an attempt to catch worms.


At least the new radio buttons make it easier to switch back and forth.


[ 0 days, 23 hours later ]


Despite my comments being incoherent and mildly sweary, Martin Belam replied to them, pointing out that they felt that the actual international users were more important than those few of us in the UK who prefer the world news edition.


He might have a point there.


Weirdly I'm the other way round, wanting international weather but uk news. I demand an Expat edition!


In the interests of sanity, I am internationally-located, and like the international edition. 2lmc: full-spectrum opinions, swearily expressed...


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE