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giles and phl on blogs.bbc.co.uk


giles and phl on blogs.bbc.co.uk

posted on 2005/12/07 16:44


Over at the dailychump they're talking about the new BBC domain (there's an announcement of sorts on Ben Metcalfe's blog, so it is new, yes).


2lmc's discussion of it last night touched on a couple of points.


Firstly, it's all hosted on six apart, presumably on TypePad.


Secondly, we came to the conculsion that at some point the root domain will turn into an index or aggregate of BBC blogs, but since there's only one of them at the moment, there's not much to distinguish the front page and the Nick Robinson stuff.


We hadn't noticed the redirect from the BBC site proper, though.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE