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Mount Manager

posted on 2006/01/02 16:33


I'm afraid this is going to be one of those spool entries where I give some poor unsuspecting Mac developer a good kicking. Just thought I'd warn you in advance.


Mount Managar is a MacOS X utility which allows you to mount network shares with a single click of a mouse.


So far, so good. Sadly for Spike Software, you can almost do this with an alias. (Actually, you can do it with an alias if you use the Finder sidebar, but I don't.)


Simply make a Servers folder somewhere, mount your share, and command-option-drag it into the folder.


(Or, like I said, use the Finder sidebar.) Then, when you want to use the share, just open the alias and the share will mount.


It'll save you opening a rather ugly and confusing metal window with drawers on two sides, and won't cost $20.


Oh, and it'll work with Netatalk (although, having said that, despite the FAQ claiming that Mount Manager didn't work with the Linux AFP server software, it was fine for me.)


Oh yes. Happy new year!


no gripes about the interface, then?


Oh, I could go into more depth about the way that the "one click" is hidden in one of the two drawers, or that the list of servers is easy to populate with duplicates, but... oh, wait.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE