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Boot Camp


Boot Camp

posted on 2006/04/05 14:22


OK, yes, everyone is going to be talking about this. Still, thought I'd join in.


Apple have released a beta of Boot Camp, a utility that lets you install Windows XP on your Intel Mac.


It includes a repartioning tool:


Boot Camp Assistant creates the new partition for Windows. Your original Mac OS X partition, with all your software and information, remains intact.


There's a bit of a gotcha in the XP version requirements, too.


You must use a single-disc, full-install Windows XP CD that includes Service Pack 2. You cannot use an upgrade version of Windows XP, or install an earlier version of Windows XP and update it later to SP2.


I wonder if the existence of an Apple-provided tool for dual-booting means that they won't be doing any virtualisation software. Personally I'd find that more elegant than dual booting.


I also wonder if the OSS community is going to be able to use this as a way to get people to install Linux (or a "proper" BSD) on Macs.


I missed the fact that Boot Camp burns a CD full of Windows drivers. Handy.


A quick look at OnMac.net implies they hadn't managed to get accelerated graphics for the ATI X1600 chipset.


Slashdot's noticed now. There's an comment speculating that dual booting is a step towards virtualisation:


If you're going to run a virtual Windows, you still need to have an actual installation of it lying around somewhere. Windows won't run from an HFS+ drive, it will need its own NTFS set-up somewhere


I'm not entirely convinced about that- what's wrong with a disk image?- but one can hope.


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An FAQ in the Apple support area lists the drivers, and explains why you need such a specific type of Windows install disc.


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