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Using diskutil to resize Mac volumes


Using diskutil to resize Mac volumes

posted on 2006/04/08 21:43


The recent release of 10.4.6 brought about a new feature required for Boot Camp to do its magic - nondestructively resizing volumes.


Previously, if you wanted to repartition your Mac's hard disk - to add a second version of the OS, or to add a completely different OS (like Linux) - you had to back up, blow away your disk, and then restore.


Well, actually, you could pay for third party apps to do it, but Disk Utility certainly couldn't cut it.


Mac Geekery's article explains how to use the diskutil command line tool to repartition your drive.


It seems that it's fairly smart, too; if you tell it to resize your disk smaller than the data on it, it'll refuse.


Hopefully GUI support in Disk Utility isn't too far away, anyway.


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