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Damn Interesting


Damn Interesting

posted on 2006/04/13 19:34


Oh, I'm probably 6 months behind the memecurve as usual on this one, but I just stumbled across it (my web-discoverage is pretty organic because I shun memeclouds) and I love its "does exactly what it says on the tin" simplicity.


One article a day about something pretty interesting. They range between politics, architecture, design, technology and just about anything else.


And after two weeks, there hasn't been a day where I haven't read the latest piece and thought. "Ooh. That's damn interesting."


Don't worry, I'm sure after a while they'll splatter the site with 4 sides of advertising and only report on near-nakedness-as-news, as other lists of wonderful things have become.


Ooh. Nice dig.


On the subject of "lists of wonderful things", there's also eyeteeth, which loses points for including the flashbag unquestioningly earlier, but is overall a nice flow of lefty sentiment, sustainability, art and photography.


It's almost enough to make me use an RSS reader. Except that I hate every RSS reader (online and off) I've ever tried.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE