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The iSheep say Baaaah


The iSheep say Baaaah

posted on 2006/05/22 10:57


A couple of days ago a bunch of annoying teaser adverts started showing up on the Tube:



Now the site has finally gone live (well, for most people).


This site and the iDon't campaign are the creation of several of us renegades behind the new Sansa player, from SanDisk.


"cool renegades" "SanDisk"; not phrases that belong together anywhere but in the minds of a coked-up marketroid (thanks for the agency name, hex).


But, we do think there's a few really cool things that make the Sansa a smarter, more open and, dare we say, cooler choice than the status quo.


What, the way you can get to have your DRM supplied by four Microsoft partners, as opposed to just one Apple store? Woohoo! I love openness!


By the way, don't go to the front page of idont.com (oh, which idiot put an apostrophe in the adverts? That's not going to work). It's full-screen Flash brochureware (and they're not nice to those without Flash, either).


Anyway, as Alex McLean pointed out, the Sansa comes with, er, white headphones. Hey, SanDisk, here's some advice: Don't Follow.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE