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Flickr launches their own mapping service


Flickr launches their own mapping service

posted on 2006/08/29 09:47


It's fairly nicely done: it'll populate the Flickr metadata servers from geotags, or from EXIF (apparently, although as I've complained before GPS data in EXIF is so rare as to be almost invisible).


However, because Flickr are owned by Yahoo, they're using their maps. And, like all Yahoo! products, if you're not American, it sucks.



Apparently that's London. I'd forgive you for not recongising it.


Maybe at some point Yahoo will bother to get their data from the same folk as Google. Or even Windows Local Live.


Guys, you're worse than Microsoft. Aren't you embarrased?


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE