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Wil Shipley on Carbon and Cocoa


Wil Shipley on Carbon and Cocoa

posted on 2006/10/06 10:31


In which the Delicious Library coder takes aim at badly documented and hard-to-implement code that has no Cocoa API equivalents.


John Gruber has a rebuttal of sorts, so I'm not going to look at the generalities, but pick up on one of Wil's points about Carbon's "failings":


Carbon often uses FSRefs (although there are now often string-path equivalents) to refer to files, which are, again, not fun or easy to build or use.


FSRefs might not be easy to use, but they give a way better user experience than paths.


BBEdit uses FSRefs. TextMate uses paths.


If I edit a file on a mounted volume, and unmount the volume, then try to save, BBEdit will try (and normally succeeds) to re-mount it.


TextMate, on the other hand, will demand my root password, then spew crap into my /Volumes/ folder.


This is an important difference apparently, that Mac people care about


apps shouldn't randomly ask for my password when saving files. Especially for a particularly stupid reason.


Oh, and the difference between DFS and UNC and drive mappings on Windows is apparently important too, but I don't understand it at all.


Having finally got to the comments, I see that there are a few people complaining about the FSRefs thing, and while Wil replies to various points, he doesn't defend paths at all.


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Wil Shipley's added a comment about the paths vs FSRefs debate.


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