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Flickr triple featre


Flickr triple featre

posted on 2006/11/21 09:40


Flickr launch three things, one of which is far more interesting to me than the other.


That's the camera finder, which finally makes use of all that EXIF to let you find (er) what cameras (errr) people are using.


With, it turns out, the now-usual bit of Nikon promotion to go with it ("Featured Model: Nikon D80. Featured model is a sponsored placement.")


and a fine camera to be sponsored


Still, you can see how the K750 is far more popular (with Flickr users, anyway) than any of the Nokias, and that the 350D (I'm sorry, Digital Rebel XT) is scarily widespread.


Oddly, Pentax generates a very spiky usage graph.


Now, can we get a link on the photos page so that users can sort their photos by camera? Please?


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Meanwhile, mattb over at the chump is more impressed by guest sharing.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE