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Torchwood returns for series two


Torchwood returns for series two

posted on 2006/12/12 15:24


Bafflingly, there's even been a bidding war- of sorts- for the Cardiff-based tosh.


Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood has been commissioned for a second series and this time the sci-fi thriller will be shown first on BBC Two.


Yes, the big proper channel (which currently gets sloppy seconds on the "adult" scifi drama) will instead be promoted to the first choice next year.


The first series starring John Barrowman as time-travelling Captain Jack has smashed viewing records.


That's "viewing records for BBC Three, the channel that previously had its highest ratings for some awful jokes at the expense of chavs".


Created by the writer of the new Doctor Who Russell T Davies, Torchwood (literally an anagram of Doctor Who) is produced by BBC Wales in Cardiff


It's also proof that Davies is some sort of evil alien with mind control over credulous sections of the population.


How else to account for the 80% audience approval rating of this run of badly-acted terribly-scripted episodes?


Let's not even get onto how the British public has been persuaded that David Tennant is the 'best Dr Who' (quotes BBC's own)


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