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Edgar Bronfman, CEO jackass of the day


Edgar Bronfman, CEO jackass of the day

posted on 2007/02/09 10:48


I know, I know, we're all sick to death of the DRM talk. The response from some of the music industry CEOs has to be seen to be believed, though.


Warner Music chief executive Edgar Bronfman said Jobs's proposal that firms drop digital rights management coding on songs sold online would leave music vulnerable to piracy.


Because CDs aren't?


He disputed Jobs's claim that so-called DRM software prevents consumers from playing music purchased from rival services on different devices.


I will give Bronfman five zillion dollars if he can show me either an iPod playing protected WMA, or a Zune playing protected AAC.


(Note that I don't actually have five zillion dollars. That's OK, though. Bronfman doesn't have either of those things.)


"The issue is obscured by asserting that DRM and interoperability is the same thing. They are not."


I thought the whole point was that DRM and interoperability are, by their very nature, opposed?


Nobody's suggesting they're the same thing.


Really, if the music industry was so set on a single DRM standard, they should have set one up decades ago.


As it is, the horse has not only bolted, it's now set up home and the little foals are bounding around in the fields.


In case you were wondering where you'd heard of Bronfman, he's the CEO who admitted his kids had downloaded music via P2P services.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE