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Guardian Unlimited redesigns


Guardian Unlimited redesigns

posted on 2007/05/10 09:35


Shock horror, it's a grid layout!


The navigation bar at the top hasn't changed a lot, but beyond that it's all got a new coat of paint.


(Oh, look, that's the metaphor they've used, too.)


Interesting use of DHTML on those picture highlights in the third column.


I suppose I should grumble here about the page being fixed-width for 1024px, but thankfully all the guff in the rightmost column looks as if it can be ignored.


I'm not widening my browser windows for anything but Zwok.


Interesting "our blogs" panel; it gives you a choice of "latest" or "most commented". Confusingly, that also seems to be where they've wedged the headlines for what used to be the G2 supplement-of-the-day (since the paper redesign a year or so ago, I have no idea what to call them now).


The front page seems a lot longer than it used to.


Mind you, calling it a "Guardian Unlimited redesign" is a bit much; it's only as deep as the front page.


Dave Cross pointed me at this piece from Nik Silver on the templating behind the site.


The post mentions something I've wondered about for over a year, since working with a large CMS: why isn't there more use of CSS in such tools?


Despite looking at a couple of tools, the piece still says "I'm left with the feeling that web design is a good way behind back-end software development when it comes to management".


[ 0 days, 1 hour later ]


How comes they haven't gone guardianunlimited in Egyptian and are still GuardianUnlimited in Helvetica?


It does seem odd that they've still not brought the web site in line with the "new" branding for the print edition.


Maybe that'll happen when the redesign gets as far as the "inside pages".


[ 0 days, 2 hours later ]


A few hours later and the site's had occasion to flip through three variations of the grid and as many photos.


I almost wish I'd been taking screenshots.


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