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Everything old is new again


Everything old is new again

posted on 2007/06/11 21:41


Apple Data Detectors 1.0.2


From an old Apple developer news:


if you have a word processing document that contains several e-mail addresses, Apple Data Detectors can quickly scan the document, identify all e-mail addresses, and open a new e-mail message addressed to the one you select


Leopard Features - Mail


Mail even recognizes combinations of data in phrases like "lunch tomorrow at 12 p.m. at 701 Baltic Ave, San Francisco, CA,” making it easy to make plans


The item even has the heading "Data, detected".


Nice to know Apple don't sit on their patents forever.


With a nod to Dan Hon, who picked that out of the Apple site. He also notes AutoFS. I'll wait for jerakeen to read that bit and comment on it.


I think he must be off having a life, actually, so I'll just note that Automator can record now. Hmm. Wonder how that works with unscriptable apps? Keyboard and mouse events?


[ 0 days, 1 hour later ]


if danhon is right about autofs, then it's the feature I'm suddenly most interested in.


of course, w're probably not that lucky.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE