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go Yahoo!


go Yahoo!

posted on 2007/07/31 11:23


The YUI front page is very empty today. Because someone posted to the mailing list with <script> in a title.



Not that cross-site-scripting holes are an elementary error that, frankly, I don't expect to see on the front page of a Yahoo developer site about cutting-edge JS toolkit.


Anyway, first person to steal my yahoo.com domain cookie can pretend that I gave them a prize.


Oh, also, it's broken the front page. Which is also important.


jerakeen notes that the spool escapes things properly.




Well, it helps that it doesn't use HTML at all.


if only email titles didn't use... oh, wait.


I wanted a javascript animation and all I got is this lousy security hole.


maybe I should use JQuery.


Everyone loves JQuery.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE