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UK iPod pricing


UK iPod pricing

posted on 2007/09/05 20:18


because nobody mentions it at the events and I'm sad enough to go around the UK store doing sums


The main iPod that anyone wants (I assume) is the touch; the 8GB version is £199 and the 16GB is £269


Looking at the ex-VAT prices that's a 20% or so markup on the pre-sales-tax dollar price, which is fairly high, but about in line with other electronics, from what I recall.


The fat Nano starts at £99 (for the 4GB model; the 8GB is £129) and the shuffle's down to £49 (actually, that may have happened already, but it seems cheap).


The classic models come in at £159 for 80GB and £229 for 160GB.


I'd love to mention iPhone pricing, but there's still no announcment on European carriers, despite the gathering of European journalists in the BBC for a keynote simulcast thing.




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