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Goodbye, 38 Routemasters


Goodbye, 38 Routemasters

posted on 2005/10/28 13:53


When I moved up to Islington and 2lmc in 2001, there were two routes served by Routemasters; the 19 and 38.


The 19 was turned into a modern double decker earlier this year, and today is the last day of the 38 as a Routemaster.


It's all terribly sad, especially as it's being replaced with those horrible bendy buses (which already, in the form of the 73, clog up Islington High Street and Essex Road).


Anyway, this has set off a bit of an outpouring of photography of them on Flickr.


As well as my photos, there are a couple of nice ones from other people (including mattb of the chump).




I don't think it's quite the culteral carnage that Andrew 'Hutton report' Gilligan made it out to be in the Standard the other day...


I accept they aren't great for accessibility, etc etc.


I've just yet to be convinced that Bendy Buses are really any better than double deckers, apart from the ease of fare evasion


I did go on a 38 the other night too, I liked the window winders. They still felt nicely solid



[ 0 days, 2 hours later ]


Having looked for the times of the last Routemaster tonight ("will probably arrive in Clapton Pond at around 1.30 am on the early morning of Saturday 29th October", says Save The Routemaster, I've found details of when the "heritage" routes start.


It's the 14th of November, which is three weeks before the final regular Routemaster service - the 159 - stops.


If you scroll far enough down TfL's bus service change page you'll see the details, as spooled previously.


We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE